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Forgot your septic system clearances? 
How far from my property line to I need to be again?
Are you a professional but having a hard time memorizing these tedious numbers.
We've got your covered.



Pump Chamber Guide

Decommission an Existing Tank

Sewage System DO's

• Do keep accurate records of maintenance, pump outs and service calls

• Do keep a system diagram for reference

• Do repair leaky plumbing fixtures

• Do replace old toilets with low-flush models

• Do install an effluent filter in your septic tank to protect your leaching bed and to ensure you are in compliance with the Ontario Building Code

• Do keep the access lids easily accessible and securely fastened

• Do ensure that your home insurance policy includes a sewage back-up rider

• Do ensure that the leaching bed has good erosion control on it post installation (grass)

• Do ensure all contractors know the location of your leaching bed, get the required utility locates done and ensure that any landscaping does not impact the bed

Sewage System DON’Ts

• Don’t allow vehicles to drive over or park on the leaching bed

• Don’t build skating rinks or above ground pools on it

• Don’t dig without knowing the location of your sewage system

• Don’t plant any trees or shrubs on or near the bed; their roots can clog pipes

• Don’t drain downspouts, sump pumps, etc. down or near the tanks or leaching bed

• Don’t build over the tank or leaching bed with a hard surface such as asphalt, brick or patio stones

• Don’t excessively water the lawn over the leaching bed

• Don’t use a garbage disposal/garburator

Instructional Guide Documents!

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