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Biological Remediation Products:

Bio-Perc remediation tablets or dissolvable pods provide an efficient and cost-effective way to rejuvenate failing wastewater treatment systems by reducing or eliminating organic buildup in distribution lines and disposal processes.


Scientifically blended to contain more than 220 billion beneficial microorganisms, Bio-Perc remediation products accelerate the biological digestion that naturally occurs in wastewater disposal systems. Bio-Perc tablets can be dosed by any gravity-flow feeder or added directly into a distribution box, pump station or dosing chamber.


Bio-Perc pods can be flushed in household toilets or added into a distribution box or dosing chamber.The tablets are packaged in 10 lb. pails and the dissolvable pods are packaged in convenient 24 oz. canisters for easy storage. With continuous application, the accumulated organic material is digested and the system returns to normal operation.


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