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Polylok's 24" Riser-to-Riser Adapter are ideal for retrofitting existing septic tanks. These adapter rings allow any other manufacturer's plastic risers, concrete pipe, ABS black pipe, IPEX pipe, and plastic tanks over to the Polylok system. 


Polylok risers hold their shape, are stackable, screw together, and are water and airtight. Structural ribs inside prevent frost from adhering to the riser in frost prone areas.


Tired of digging to access your system? We've got you looked after!


Have plastic?

  • Plastic Risers
  • Plastic Replacement Lids


Have concrete but want to switch to plastic?

  • Universal adapter ring
  • 20" adapter ring
  • 24" adapter ring


 Adapter ring accepts either 20" or 24" Riser

  • Covers up to 25" square opening


Polylok 24" Riser-To-Riser Adapter

Excluding Sales Tax