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A revolutionary wastewater treatment system that employs innovative Hydro-Kinetic filtration technology to produce the cleanest, most consistent effluent quality available.  Developed to serve homes and small businesses outside of city sewers, the Hydro-Kinetic system uses the extended aeration and attached growth processes to treat wastewater, and features innovative nitrification-denitrification technology.

During its successful completion of both NSF/ANSI Standard 40 and 245 tests, the Hydro-Kinetic FEU system:

  • Became the only NSF/ANSI Standard 40 and 245 certified residential wastewater treatment system to pass two consecutive back-to-back tests without performing routine maintenance for a full 12 months.

  • Achieved unmatched effluent results of 2.0 mg/L CBOD (Carbonaceous Biochemical Oxygen Demand), 2.0 mg/L TSS (Total Suspended Solids) and 7.9 mg/L TN (Total Nitrogen).

It quietly, efficiently and automatically pretreats, aerates, flow equalizes and filters all wastewater returning only the purest effluent back to the receiving environment. Better yet, all treatment processes are managed by reliable components and user friendly controls. The integrity of the treatment process is protected by our patented non-mechanical, demand use flow equalization device, as well as our revolutionary Hydro-Kinetic Bio-Film Reactor.



HK FEU 1890

HK FEU 2270

HK FEU 3020

HK FEU 3780

HK FEU 4730

HK FEU 5670

Norweco Hydrokinetic

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