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Septic Tank and Tile Bed remediation

Bio-AXN's super concentrated formula breaks down organic matter, bottom solids & scum eliminating odours and improving overall flow.

- Eliminates overall sludge and odour - Provides optimized degradation of organic waste or odour - Reduces population of hydrogen sulfide forming bacteria and odour - Safe for animals, humans & plants - Environmentally safe - All natural - Biodegradable - Safe for all pipes

Bio-AXN is a proprietary blend of multiple microbial families of highly specialized non-pathogenic microbes, selected for their ability to rapidly digest organic nutrients. Organisms include both aerobic and anaerobic varieties so that digestion can be assured under a variety of conditions and temperatures. Active Ingredients: Starch digesting amylases, protein digesting protease, cellulose digesting cellulase, fat digesting lipase